Bloggers’ Free Investment Advice Worth Every Penny

Michael Giberson

Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment PollApparently bloggers are not reliable market forecasters. Or, at least, that is the conclusion of an analysis by the CXO Advisory Group LLC comparing market returns to the Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll.

The CXO blog concluded that “blogger sentiment: (1) mostly reacts to what just happened in the stock market; and, (2) does not predict stock market behavior.”

For related ideas, see the CXO blog’s highlights from Andrew Lo’s article on the Efficient Market Hypothesis (to appear in the next edition of New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics).

One thought on “Bloggers’ Free Investment Advice Worth Every Penny

  1. Hi Knowledge Problem…

    Thats too bad that blogs don’t seem to have a good rate of predictions…I wonder if that is really true though. they are good at reflecting movements online…of topics and ideas of interest.

    I don’t often have something on my blog that would be of interest to a marketer…but i do right now. It’s an unusal case of so-called “high brow” literature having product placement…and an interesting account of such a “mind share” in an author…hope you have a chance to check it out…

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