Following Up: Perfecting Retail Markets, Pjm, Iceland

Michael Giberson

Re: “The Electric Power Retail Access Hard Core

Last week I quoted from an EnergyBiz Insider column, “Perfecting Retail Markets.” Today, EnergyBiz Insider printed a letter-to-the-editor in response from Tom Casten, Chair of Recycled Energy Development LLC, a cogeneration outfit. Casten leads off with an important question:

How do entrepreneurs and markets work their magic in retail electricity without repealing all fifty state bans on private wires crossing public streets?

Advanced metering and the rate structures to go with it will be an important piece of the near-future retail landscape, but if you want revolutionary consumer-centric retail restructuring, then you need to ask and answer questions like Casten’s.

Re: “PJM Market Monitor Reports Interference from Management

In April I noted that the head of PJM’s market monitoring unit had reported to FERC that PJM’s management was interfering with the performance of market monitoring functions. Joe Bowring, the head of PJM’s market monitoring unit has filed a detailed statement with FERC, and PJM management have filed a similarly detailed statement as well. The Energy Legal Blog provides an update with links to the filings: Market Monitor Continues Lobbing Shells at Defensive PJM Management.

Re: “Not in Iceland, Yet…

Haven’t heard from Lynne since yesterday morning’s “Not in Iceland” posting, which means either she is happily enjoying herself among ISNIE colleagues in Iceland or has retreated to Chicago, fuming and biting her tongue. I’m hoping it is the former case.

I’m also hitting the road, soon to be on my way to the beach for a few days, so it may be quiet around here. Your comments are held for moderation, so if you post one, be patient and we will catch up with you when we can.

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