Anyone Else Reading Harry Potter?

Lynne Kiesling

It’s 5 PM out here in Montana, where I am at the moment, and I’ve finished the first ten chapters. More after the fold, with oblique spoiler references, so don’t click through if you are concerned.

Hedwig’s death makes way for Fawkes to become Harry’s, although it’s not clear yet if that will happen. I think it has to happen for him to win.

I knew RAB was Regulus Black, and that there was a good story for how he got the horcrux locket out of the cave. I am stunned to find Kreacher involved.

So far I’ve also laughed a lot. Very good storytelling.

Oh, and I think Rita Skeeter is the one who ransacked 12 Grimmauld Place. She’s a better witch than lots of people give her credit for. She’s just not one for using her powers for good … unless there’s a juicy story in it for her.

One thought on “Anyone Else Reading Harry Potter?

  1. Just finished reading the book, it was great. Although I cannot help wondering who is the Hogwarts headmaster now.

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