Another Day, Another Tyler Cowen Sighting

Michael Giberson

The Washington Post Food section ran an article with Tyler Cowen, professor of economics at GMU, blogger at Marginal Revolution, and author of Discover Your Inner Economist.

An economist at George Mason University, Cowen has rather unusual criteria for restaurant selection. He doesn’t first look at the menu, the ambiance or the reviews. Being an economist, he thinks about the rental market, property taxes, competition and clientele. “All of us already act like economists,” he said, digging into a plate of Chengdu dumplings in a black vinegar sauce. “We just have to think about what we already know about the world and apply it to dining.”

Here is Cowen blogging the article (of course!), which he said he liked. In the article the reporter meets Cowen at Hong Kong Palace. Here is Cowen’s review of the place at Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide.