Well-known Economist Advises Online World

Lynne Kiesling

Michael Boskin will be on the Council of Economic Advisers for Gaia Online,

Gaia Interactive announced Monday morning that Michael Boskin, still a Hoover senior fellow and Stanford professor, will become chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors for Gaia Online, a virtual world that attracts 2.5 million monthly participants who engage in more than 100,000 daily transactions.

In its announcement of the new council and Boskin’s leading role, Gaia Interactive said the new organization would be tasked with providing “ongoing analysis and guidance” of the virtual economy.

Boskin said he would remain in his Hoover and Stanford positions.

This is fascinating; online worlds are beginning to display the intricacies and complexities of the real world, including economies and market processes. The article discusses how researchers will study Gaia Online as well. Very interesting.

One thought on “Well-known Economist Advises Online World

  1. Note the opportunity for a monetary economist – from the article:

    “Gaia Interactive has not said who will be the third member of the council, though it is looking for candidates from academia, government or industry and with experience with monetary policy.”

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