Arizona Commission’s Negative Power Line, Round Ii

Michael Giberson

A few months ago I posted notice here of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s decision to reject a proposed powerline from the middle of Arizona into southern California. Commissioners were saying things like they refused to “hurt Arizona utility customers to benefit Californians” and opposed the idea of becoming “an energy farm for California.” (This despite Arizona importing much of its energy supplies from out of state. The corporation commission apparently doesn’t object to New Mexico and Texas, among others, serving as energy farms for Arizona.)

That decision is back in the news as the U.S. Department of Energy has declared 10 counties across Arizona and southern California to be part of a National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor. The declaration is a step toward possible issuance of a federal permit for transmission construction. More information from USDOE is available here.

(HT to Scott Gustafson at Arizona Economics)

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