Sports Betting with Furniture, II

Michael Giberson

Yesterday, NPR’s All Things Considered ran a story on the Jordan Furniture Red Sox promotion that we discussed here earlier. An excerpt:

So with the Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies now facing off in the World Series, some of the couch potatoes watching from home are rooting to win the very couches they’re sitting on.

Nate McKinnon is one of them. The decor in his bedroom says “Red Sox fan.” The furniture says “25-year-old bachelor on a budget.” With one exception.

After years of sleeping on futons and second-hand beds, McKinnon now owns a quality mattress – with a pillow top.

“Each of the springs is in its own pocket,” McKinnon says. “It makes it supposedly so that you don’t disturb your sleep partner. I don’t have a sleep partner, but if I did they wouldn’t be disturbed.”

McKinnon paid $508 for the mattress, but if the Red Sox win the fall classic, he’ll get the money back. He bought it in April as part of the Jordan’s Furniture promotion.

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