More Coverage of the Gridwise Olympic Peninsula Project and Smart Grid

Lynne Kiesling

Since last week there’s been more discussion of the GridWise Olympic Peninsula Project that I discussed last week: a Business Week article on the project and a Gristmill post, a CNN Money article, the Solve Climate blog, and an Associated Press article that ran in USA Today. The last article also quotes me, resulting from a wonderful conversation I had with Dan Caterinicchia.

All are good and useful discussions, although I disagree with the Business Week’s heading of “giving up thermostat control”. The whole point is that the individual end-use consumer has more control with the combination of price signals and price-responsive end-use technologies. You don’t give up control; you choose how to program your own devices to implement your individual preferences.

One thought on “More Coverage of the Gridwise Olympic Peninsula Project and Smart Grid

  1. Great, Lynne. In principle, the market incentives involved could erase the utilities’ load distribution problems.

    GE is marketing a “dashboard” for the home to handle all of the smart grid stuff.

    Unfortunately, the IOUs don’t seem to understand the potential.

    The auto companies are promoting “plug-in hybrids,” which are competitors to the smart grid applications.

    If only economists ran the world!


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