Power Outage in Florida

Lynne Kiesling

Few details yet, but I’m sure this will give us stuff to talk about over the next week: a large power outage in Florida, affecting 3-4 million people. Florida Power & Light representatives officials expect to have the power restored by 5:30, which is pretty quick.

But can such a large outage be due to one substation failure? That’s a heck of a cascade.

What I’ll be most interested in hearing about is how the Silver Spring Networks smart grid technology that FP&L uses affects the speed and quality of the restoration of power services for customers. If you want to read more about Silver Springs Networks, check out this smart grid tech take article by Erich Gunther in the Smart Grid News.

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  1. Just trying to read the damn captcha for now. Why does it clear my text in Opera too? …ah, better luck with Preview, at least.

    Was not the grid a better adapted organism, before isolated towers with explosive (yet lightningproofed and with a state sent down the tower; and yes, isolated) line-cutting gear was outlawed in the US, in favor of inductive isolators (however that works) and isolation interruptors with switchgear on both sides so silly full-optical-inspection rules could be honored came in?

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