Severin Borenstein on Real-time Retail Electricity Pricing

Lynne Kiesling

Here’s a video of Severin Borenstein discussing real-time pricing in retail electricity markets, from a presentation at CITRIS in April 2007:

It’s a good overview of some of the applied economic and policy issues in retail electricity pricing. Recommended to all. One specific thing I would add, though, is that he characterizes real-time pricing as being hourly. You all know, because I’ve talked a lot here about the GridWise Olympic Peninsula Testbed project, real-time pricing is feasible for residential customers, in five-minute intervals, using a double-auction retail market design.

One thought on “Severin Borenstein on Real-time Retail Electricity Pricing

  1. Lynne,

    Wow. I had Severin as a teacher in a course on markets and regulation when he was a young ass’t professor at Michigan and I was an undergrad. He was a terrific teacher and I remember a great deal from that course. Thanks for the flashback!

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