Well, that was fun …

Lynne Kiesling


Last Thursday I was in New York at the final show of the reunion tour of my favorite band ever, at a big party with a bunch of folks who were also there courtesy of the world’s greatest drummer. If you look carefully behind Andy’s head in the picture above (taken from my 10th row center seat) you can see evidence of the guerrilla insurgency fan project and inside joke with said drummer, in which I’ve been participating for the past year, with much resulting joy and happiness.

It’s been a much-needed mental and emotional respite from the cacophonous events of the past year and a half here at KP. But I have to admit that all of the writing, teaching, new course prep, workshops, conferences, house renovation, cycling, travel, music, and so on have left me feeling really shagged out, which is why I’ve been letting Mike do the heavy lifting around here off and on over the summer. So the past couple of weeks have been about taking some down time, as well as the trip to New York, and about getting ready for the sprint triathlon in which I’m participating on Sunday.

I plan to get back into a higher-energy groove here! Stay tuned …