Market Monitor Announced for Rggi Cap-and-trade Auctions

Michael Giberson

My former employer in the news.* The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) announced earlier this week that it had selected Potomac Economics to “perform market monitoring services for the states participating in RGGI auctions.”

“We went looking for and hired an experienced watchdog to ensure market participants that the RGGI auction process is fair,” said Jonathan E. Schrag, executive director of RGGI, Inc. “Potomac Economics has extensive experience in monitoring electricity markets and we are pleased that they are part of our team.”

RGGI is a joint effort of ten northeastern and middle Atlantic states to implement a regional C02 cap-and-trade permitting system. The first RGGI auction will be held on September 25. It will be the first CO2 allowance auction in the United States for a mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reduction program.

*Actually, not in the news so far as a Google News search can tell, but RGGI did put out a news release.

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