My Predictable Comment on the Nfl Playoffs

Lynne Kiesling

I have one thing to say today: GO STEELERS! I will be sportin’ my black and gold swag at home today, and watching the game.

I like watching the Steelers, but I have to admit that the thing I really like most about watching the Steelers is seeing the cityscape photography of Pittsburgh during home games. Makes me a wee bit homesick … even though I haven’t lived there since 1979!

3 thoughts on “My Predictable Comment on the Nfl Playoffs

  1. What kills me is that the team of your adopted home town SHOULD have made the playoffs in the No. 6 seed.

    And the team that GOT the No. 6 seed beat the No. 1 seed, showing how the NFL has achieved parity and all that matters is “who’s hot”.

    Go Eagles. McNab is a Mt. Carmel grad. There’s always a “Chicago connection” in any story.

  2. And who knows, McNabb could be wearing burnt orange and navy blue next season!? Congrats to the Steelers, as they put the hammer down on Rivers and crew, but it was special teams that made the difference. A punt return and a “header” gave Pitt. two easy TD’s. The game against the Ravens should be another hard-fought battle.

    When I watch Bears or Cubs home games I also get a little homesick, though I left Chicago about the same time you left Pittsburgh. While I don’t miss the winter weather, I start yearning for the delicacies on Halsted St. (opaa!), and then my mind drifts to stacks of Italian beefs and Home Run Inn pizza. I’ll stop before I drool on my keyboard. Are there any special food items from Pittsburgh that you miss?

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