Is Matt Welch My Alter Ego? I Can Haz Wit?

Lynne Kiesling

Tyler Cowen has Tyrone, his alter ego. Lately I’ve really been wanting to claim Matt Welch as mine. Whether it’s economic policy by metaphor, the trillion-dollar stimulus, good news and bad news on trade, or his hilariously witty I CAN HAZ BEEMER?, Matt has been putting words to my thoughts.

And he’s done so again this morning with his post debunking all of the straw men that the political elites are using to rush us through to a consensus on large amounts of debt-financed government spending. Keep bringin’ it, Matt.

2 thoughts on “Is Matt Welch My Alter Ego? I Can Haz Wit?

  1. I’m somewhat disappointed that no one’s written about how the appointment and confirmation of Ray LaHood completely kills slot auctions for the forseeable future. He stressed in his hearing that he’s unalterably opposed to them.

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