Gridecon 2009

Lynne Kiesling

I am co-organizing an event called GridEcon in Chicago, 16-17 March 2009. GridEcon is in the suite of events that the GridWise Architecture Council co-sponsors, including GridWeek, Connectivity Week, and Grid-Interop. GridEcon has come about because we think that the policy and business discussions have moved beyond the technical interoperability issues that have been the primary focus of GWAC for the past few years (although we, of course, continue working on those as technical standards develop). Also, as NIST provides the focal point for the development of interoperable smart grid standards as per the EISA 2007 guidelines, one of the areas that they are considering is how to define pricing standards.

GridEcon will focus on dynamic pricing, new business opportunities and new products/services made possible because of smart grid technologies (including the implications of PHEVs), and the policies and business models that can make those opportunities a reality. We will also have a set of panels talking about the intersection of carbon policy, carbon markets, and smart grid. You can see from the list of speakers so far that we are going to have a really great set of discussions. If your work touches on smart grid issues, I hope to see you there!

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  1. I hope the idea of GridEcon will work, and many people wil gather there because it sounds really interesting

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