Does “Competitive Electricity Markets” Want to Be Free?

Michael Giberson

Cover Al Roth at his Market Design blog draws attention to Competitive Electricity Markets: Design, Implementation, Performance, a book edited by Fereidoon Sioshansi, which contains 15 chapters on power market design by some of the best workers in the field. As Roth notes, it has been out for a year or so, and it appears to be an outstanding collection.

So far, however, I haven’t ordered a copy, deterred by the $150 list price.  (Hey, look: just $120 at Amazon-you save $30!).  Maybe the library should pick up a copy…

But a Google search on “Competitive Electricity Markets” “Elsevier Science” turns up a site offering a free download of the book. I wonder, is this a legitimate offer or is someone infringing on Elsevier’s copyright?

Does “Competitive Electricity Markets” want to be free?

UPDATE: Checking again this afternoon, I see that at least one of the sites that was offering a free download of Competitive Electricity Markets no longer has it available. (The Google search result links to a page that now returns a “403 Forbidden” code, indicating that the page has been taken off line.  For the moment, at least, the cached page at Google still shows the page, though the download links don’t appear to be functioning.)

I’ll assume that means the answer to the title question is, “No,” so I’d better start saving my nickles and dimes….

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