Former Steeler, Now Knitter

Lynne Kiesling

As a child growing up in Pittsburgh in the mid-1970s, I couldn’t help being a sports fan, including football. One of my favorite Steelers from the mid-70s was tight end Randy Grossman. Agile, fast, and a joy to watch.

Imagine my joy now as I find out that he is a fellow knitter!

Though Grossman’s mother, Florence, is an accomplished knitter and her skills have inspired him to push forward his with the craft, his foray into knitting came about from his daughter, Sarah. When Sarah participated in a knitting program while attending the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, she started progressing as a better and better knitter and “she wanted to show me how to do it,” Grossman said. As a way to appease his daughter, he tried it and found it to be quite rewarding.

Now knitting on a consistent basis, Grossman decided to hold a class geared specifically toward teaching men the nuances of the craft with Sarah as his special assistant.

If you click through to the article you’ll see a great picture of Grossman knitting, and wearing a fantastic sweater that I’m sure he made. Stuff like this really makes me love life. Really.

One thought on “Former Steeler, Now Knitter

  1. When I was in Waldorf we tried to knit dolls of the entire Atlanta Braves lineup. We gout David Justice, Chipper Jones, Jeff Blauser (hometown hero in the big leagues) and a few others done. But our teacher put a stop to it before we finished and made us knit other things :(.

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