KP Convergence in Chicago

Lynne Kiesling

For once, both erstwhile KP authors are in the same place! I’ve organized a research roundtable at the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth at Northwestern University, and Mike’s in town to attend. The event’s called Energy, Technology, and Institutions, and you can read the working papers to be discussed if you are interested:

Combined Issues of Climate Policy and Energy Policy: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions while Meeting Increasing Global Energy Demand
Daniel H. Cole, Indiana University School of Law

The Political Economy of Energy and Its Implications for Climate Change Legislation
Jim Rossi, Florida State University School of Law

Beneficial Complexity: A Field Experiment in Technology, Institutions, and Institutional Change in the Electric Power Industry
Lynne Kiesling, Department of Economics, Northwestern University
David Chassin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The Challenges of Valuing Carbon
Rick Mattoon, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Margrethe Kearney, Latham & Watkins LLP

2 thoughts on “KP Convergence in Chicago

  1. None of the papers I looked at seem to take climate change seriously , nor to take into account how many people the US kills for oil. We need to reduce emissions by more than 90% in 10 years if the Earth is to have a livable climate

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