Sunday Recipe Post: Lynne’s Perfect Pancakes

Lynne Kiesling

I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of posting about non-economics things (except for the occasional concert report); a couple of years ago I probably paid too much attention to some reader’s snarky comment about it, so I’ve not shared much about cooking, cycling, triathlon, wine, house renovation, etc. since then. Like me, this place is primarily, but not solely, about economics ideas, analyses, and discussions.

So I’m going to celebrate a gorgeous, sunny Sunday in Chicago by sharing a regular Sunday brunch item in the KP household, one that I’ve been tweaking for a long time. Based on a widely-available recipe for IHOP buttermilk pancakes, here’s my tweaked, and yummy, version:

Lynne’s Perfect Pancakes (makes 2 servings)

1 egg (I prefer extra large)
2 T Splenda
2 T sugar
2 T butter, melted
2 T canola oil
Fresh grated nutmeg to taste
1/2 t salt
1 t baking soda
1 t baking powder
1 1/4 c buttermilk
1/4  c ground flax seeds
1/2 c white unbleached flour (I use King Arthur unbleached)
1/2 c King Arthur white whole wheat flour
3/4 c frozen blueberries, still frozen

Whisk together the egg, Splenda, and sugar. Add butter and oil while whisking to emulsify. Whisk in salt, nutmeg, and leavenings. Pour in buttermilk and blend. Fold in ground flax seeds and both flours; combine just until wet. Fold in frozen blueberries. Cook as you like on a griddle.

I used to use only Splenda and only canola oil because my blood sugar’s a bit wonky, but the sugar and butter really are crucial to the mouthfeel and flavor and appearance of the pancakes, so this is the compromise.

Happy eating!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Recipe Post: Lynne’s Perfect Pancakes

  1. Good for you for ignoring snarky readers. This is not my thing, but so what? … I stopped reading after a few lines, and I’m sure other readers are enjoying their pancakes already.

    To any snarks out there: it’s a blog… if we actually got paid well (or at all in most cases) for blogging, we might be expected to stick to rigid editorial guidelines… since we don’t, you get the pleasure of pancakes on an economics blog here, and politics on my investing blog.

  2. The sugar helps them to brown more on the griddle. I just use a simple recipe of self-rising flour, eggs, oil and milk. I make it about every Sunday and the only thing I measure is the flour (well, and the eggs too) and just pour the oil and milk as I see fit.

    We have been having blueberry pancakes the last few weeks with berries from the bushes at the front of the house. It’s nice to be able to pick the berries as you’re waiting for the griddle to heat up. I would also add an extra step: do not put blueberries in the batter but dot them on the top of a just-poured pancake, then use some extra batter on a fork to cover the tops of the berries before you flip them. This gives you an even proportion of berries/bite of pancake, and the extra batter keeps the berries from burning.

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