Oh! Pandora

Michael Giberson

It is late on a Friday, and I want to go to sleep. But I had Pandora on in the background while I worked on the computer, and now that I’m stopping work, I want to keep listening to the music.

It has been a long long time since over-the-air radio has kept me awake at night, wanting to hear what was next.

Tonight this is why I love Pandora: Pixies Radio.

3 thoughts on “Oh! Pandora

  1. Hi, Michael–

    Another Pandora fan, eh? And a Pixies fan too? Great minds. (I also like Frank Black post-Pixies.)

    Ever listen to last.fm? It’s comparable to Pandora, better in some ways, worse in others (e.g., no pause) but when Pandora gets a little repetitive (as it does at times) last.fm is a good change.

    I miss Yahoo’s old internet radio service (available on Yahoo Messenger). It’s still available, but Yahoo discontinued the personalized station service. It was pretty intelligent, and used your ratings to select new things to play. Found a lot of great music that way (e.g., Smoking Popes in particular). I had over 15K ratings when they pulled the plug 🙁

    Anyways, glad to know there’s another econ prof with similar musical sensibilities in the great state of TX.

  2. I used Last.fm for a while a couple of years ago, and liked it, but then something when wrong during one of the software updates and I drifted to other internet radio sites. I don’t quite remember what the issue was.

    No doubt it is time to give them a try again.

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