Power from the Wind: the View from 1909

Michael Giberson

The Financial Times Energy Source blog unearths a recommendation from 100 years ago to try wind power “in view of our diminishing returns of coal and petroleum.”  Practical issues are discussed, storage issues seen as important.

Also at Energy Source, “The murky task of curbing speculation.”

One thought on “Power from the Wind: the View from 1909

  1. YES! Windpower! The energy and power sector creates and sustains millions of jobs. One of America’s biggest challenges today is finding efficient and affordable solutions to energy and power. A diverse solution is fundamental to our security as a nation and the expansion of economic opportunity. Advocate for the construction and operation of renewable energy and learn about the Friends of the US Chamber http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/issues/index.cfm?ID=305 .

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