Nist Smart Grid Workshop

Lynne Kiesling

I’m at a NIST smart grid workshop, where the objective is to take the identified, prioritized smart grid interoperability standards requirements and start working on the game plan for developing interoperability standards out of them. Toby Considine sat next to me yesterday morning and wrote about his observations, so I’ll spare you mine, except for one: as he points out, there seems to be more coalescence around the theme of “light, loose integration and a loosely-coupled system of systems” than I feared there would be, but still too often some stakeholders advocate for decisions based on the perpetuation of existing business models, and not based on the idea of having simple common data models that don’t forclose future evolutions of technology, business models, and consumer value propositions.

One thought on “Nist Smart Grid Workshop

  1. Lynne,

    How does the path that is being discussed at the NIST workshop compare with the path that has been taken at ERCOT?

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