Kauffman Economics Bloggers Video

Lynne Kiesling

Last February I was thrilled to be invited to an economics bloggers forum at the Kauffman Foundation, organized by Tim Kane (who contributes to the Kauffman blog Growthology). As part of the forum the Kauffman folks recorded video interviews with each of us for their library.

They have now released a video from the event that includes some excerpts from our interviews and from the informal filming of the event, with Tim providing narration and context. I am pleased and honored to be included in the video, which also includes folks like Tyler Cowen, Robert Cringely, Mark Thoma, Arnold Kling, Don Boudreaux, Virginia Postrel, and Amity Shlaes.

Thanks to the Kauffman Foundation and Tim for creating such a good event and such a good video reflection of it.