Back from My Epic Travels!

Lynne Kiesling

I love traveling, but it is always good to return home. After two weeks on the road, first for some English countryside holiday time in Shropshire, then the Mont Pelerin Society meeting in Stockholm, then some SoCal holiday time at the La Jolla Music Festival and then in LA, the catching up and digging out is gonna take some time. But it was a much-needed break, including, to be honest, a much-needed break from my overly-attentive relationship with the Internet.

Big, huge, massive thanks and shout-outs (shouts-out?) to Mike for keeping up the reading, writing, analysis, and commentary here at KP during my travels. On the infrequent occasions when I did check in during my trip, I was glad to have something interesting and thoughtful to read when I got here.

And now it’s back to work.