Friday Fun: Itunes’ Underplayed List

Lynne Kiesling

If you have an eclectic music collection, here’s some fun, especially if you’ve recently added a variety of music but haven’t listened to it yet: put the “underplayed” list on random and hit play. I’ve had the following in succession:

  1. Gang of Four, At Home He Feels Like A Tourist
  2. Mendelssohn, Sonata 1 for cello and piano, 2nd movement
  3. Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, Perdido (this is a kickin’ drum-off between the two, awesome!)
  4. R.E.M., Strange
  5. John Wesley Harding, Ordinary Weekend

It’s a bit disjointed, but the fun and surprise of rediscovering long-dormant parts of the collection far outweighs that.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Itunes’ Underplayed List

  1. I get a kick out of this as well… Since I put together a smartlist of least played songs called ‘been awhile’ it’s been my favorite playlist. Although it occasionally calls up items worthy of deletion, the fond memories found are worthwhile.

  2. I don’t have an ipod or anything fancy like that – maybe someday. You did remind me of my meeting Buddy Rich 25 years ago in Raleigh. I had a friend back then who was a huge Rich fan. He was in town for a show downtown, so we decided walk around before the show. Buddy was just hanging out behind the building having a smoke, so my friend got a chance to talk to one of his heroes.

    It seems like the days of celebrity drummers are over. I can’t think of even one emerging from the last ten to twenty years. Everyone wants to be a rock guitarist or American Idol singer.

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