Weekend Jaunt from Chicago: New Glarus, Wisconsin

Lynne Kiesling

The area around New Glarus, Wisconsin, is one of our favorite places when we want to get out of town. Great roads for cycling, camping, beautiful scenery, and of course the newly-expanded New Glarus Brewery. Gone are the days when we could get Spotted Cow and Uff Da Bock around here; now we have to drive to Wisconsin to get some. If you are not familiar with the area, this Gaper’s Block post provides a good weekend getaway guide, including recommendations for bicycling on the several very good trails in the area — especially good for families!

One thought on “Weekend Jaunt from Chicago: New Glarus, Wisconsin

  1. I am pretty sure I saw Spotted Cow on a beer list in Chicago last weekend. It might have been at Merle’s in Evanston.

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