Only Possible in a Politics-free World …

Lynne Kiesling

Too bad that David Zetland’s latest idea is impossible in a world with politics:

People are discussing a soda tax. Forget that — just stop subsidizing the corn that’s made into the HFCS that goes into soda.

End obesity and a stupid ag subsidy at that same time.


My version for health care would be

People are discussing health care legislation and new government mandates. Forget that — just stop giving employer-provided health insurance asymmetric and favorable tax treatment.

End perverse cost-increasing incentives and a subsidy that clogs up labor mobility at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Only Possible in a Politics-free World …

  1. Do you hate farmers and unions?

    …at least that’s what those who receive the subsidies will argue.

  2. “Do you hate farmers and unions?” – That’s what they’ll argue if you’re lucky. More likely: “Do you hate America?”

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