Pandora+iphone = Excellent Car Radio Even in Lubbock

Michael Giberson

I haven’t been much of a radio music fan since, I don’t know, high school.  I liked music that wasn’t played much by the local radio stations and in general the signal-to-noise ratio on most radio stations was too small.  Cassette tapes, then CDs were part of the answer, but that cuts off access to new tunes.

Fast forward to the present. Lubbock radio is mostly not too interesting for me.  Classic Rock. Pop. Pop Rock. Country. Latin.  One “alternative” station with a weak signal but wide-ranging playlist, and usually my choice in the car. (Too be fair, Washington DC music radio wasn’t too interesting, either, after the demise of WHFS other than the occasional jazz programs and Texas Fred’s Zydeco show on WPFW.)

Now there is a new option.  Pandora is one of my favorite online music services.  Recently picked up an iPhone.  More recently added the Pandora iPhone app.  Just discovered that the adapter my wife has to connect her iPod to the car radio also works fine with my iPhone.

I can run Pandora in my car.  If you have Pandora and a compatible phone and a way to link to your car radio, so can you.

Fantastic.  And when I get to my destination I can pop the iPhone out of the adapter, insert headphone jack, and keep the music rolling.

How about little Snooks Eaglin radio to celebrate?

One thought on “Pandora+iphone = Excellent Car Radio Even in Lubbock

  1. I had the same experience with my Blackberry and MLB audio. Driving around it’s difficult to get radio broadcasts of games, and the teams are limited. For $15 a year, I can get any game that being played. I used to think about getting XM for this, but this is cheaper and portable.

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