Nostalgia and Duran Duran

Michael Giberson

“Ah, the good old days, back before the talkies television video the internet killed the silent movie star the movie business the radio star pop star creativity.”

At least that is the message I took from a speech by Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, “Is the internet stifling new music?,” a question Taylor answers in the affirmative. Are his remarks any deeper than nostalgia for the musical world as he discovered it?

There may be fewer big music stars today because of the internet, for the same kinds of reasons that it is getting harder to get admitted into the best colleges.  Today, talent is more willing to travel. But, again for the same kinds of reasons it is getting easier to get admitted to some college somewhere, it is probably getting easier to get into the music business than ever before.

Creativity is not suffering, just old and familiar ways of doing business.

(HT Marginal Revolution for both links.)

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