Tres Amigas Transmission Link Overview at Alt Energy Stocks

Michael Giberson

I put together an overview of the Tres Amigas LLC proposal for Alt Energy Stocks, published today: “Tres Amigas Proposes Three-way Transmission Link.”  (Tres Amigas proposes to build a three-way transmission link between the Eastern Interconnection, the Western Interconnection, and the Texas Interconnection.)

The only company mentioned in the summary with a stock trading somewhere is AMSC.  The Tres Amigas project has been promoted as aiding the development of renewable power sources.  The combination apparently qualifies the discussion for posting at Alt Energy Stocks.  (Thanks Tom.)

The project should facilitate trade (of all kinds of power) among the three areas, reducing price volatility and lowering average wholesale prices overall.  Since it is proposed as a merchant transmission facility, without electric ratepayer money at risk, there is almost no downside to consumers from the project.

NOTE: Link to related Tres Amigas posts at Knowledge Problem.

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  1. It was a little bit of a stretch to include it, but I’ve stretched things more in the past. Thanks for your work in putting it together.


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