Thankful for Lax Security at Turkey Point?

Michael Giberson

The Miami Herald reports that early Thanksgiving morning smugglers dropped 30-plus Cuban migrants off on the property of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant, 25 miles south of Miami.  Apparently the group remained undetected on the property for about 8 hours, at which time the group called the plant’s control room seeking a second helping of mashed potatoes and gravy help. (The plant has call boxes on the property for the use of maintenance workers.)

The Herald said:

A spokesman for Florida Power & Light said Friday that the group was six miles from the reactors, and the power plant in southern Miami-Dade County “was not affected in any way.”

But the utility, which boasts of tight security in the area, did not address why its security personnel apparently did not become aware of the Cubans’ presence on Turkey Point for up to eight hours.

One thought on “Thankful for Lax Security at Turkey Point?

  1. Turkey Point’s property is mostly canals dredged out of mangrove swamp, with some everglades preserve left over. I can understand how the plant security might not notice people dropped off there until they reached a road or fence. Here’s google’s view of an area about six miles south of the reactors:,+Homestead,+Miami-Dade,+Florida+33033&sll=38.906225,-76.496348&sspn=0.039941,0.087547&g=turkey+point&ie=UTF8&cd=2&geocode=FQIqhAEdpHQ2-w&split=0&hq=&hnear=Turkey+Point,+Homestead,+Miami-Dade,+Florida+33033&ll=25.371715,-80.313256&spn=0.005797,0.010943&t=h&z=17

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