KP Facelift

Lynne Kiesling

Every year around this time, my inner aesthetic gets restless and dissatisfied with the KP design. So you’ll notice a few changes around here, including a new custom graphic that I made out of a cool piece of clip art I found. I like this new graphic; it symbolizes complexity, decentralized coordination, and emergent self-organization to me, and those are the broad conceptual themes that I believe undergird the content here.

Tweaking will continue, particularly with some of the colors and the main column width, so if you have any comments on readability etc., please share them!

8 thoughts on “KP Facelift

  1. Not a complaint but just a suggestion that a slightly wider column width wouldn’t require so much scrolling, especially through longer posts.

  2. Agreed. I’m not a fan of the fixed width page, but the programming skill-style tradeoff landed here, and we are going to tweak the width. Just have to figure out how, or find someone who’s CSS coding skills are better than mine!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I like the typeface and the colors and the new graphic very much. The wider text column is the only enhancement I’d ask for!

  4. Maybe if we can figure out how to make the default body text size just one notch smaller (about the size of the comment text), we will attain a reasonable number of words per line of text.

  5. Agree with Lefty. I thought the previous design had impressive solidity in the page views — reflecting seriousness of you two — but with enough white space so it was not overwhelming. Wider text column for sure is needed at a minimum.

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