Congratulations to Tom Casten!

Lynne Kiesling

Tom Casten, a pioneer of recycled waste energy and combined heat and power technologies, recently received a well-deserved Inspiring Efficiency-Leadership award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. For some background on Tom’s outstanding work that aligns economic profit and environmental benefit, this Atlantic article from May 2008 is a good place to start. Tom’s ideas and his relentless mental and physical energy have always inspired me, and I congratulate him on this well-deserved award.

We’ve paid a lot of attention to combined heat and power and recycled waste energy here at KP, and have followed the work of Tom Casten and his son Sean with great enthusiasm. Nothing is more consistent with economic efficiency than entrepreneurs profiting from reducing wasted resources.

One thought on “Congratulations to Tom Casten!

  1. Tom has been doing great work indeed. Then again, I’m biased, because I’m associated with his company, Recycled Energy Development ( But the reason I’m involved is the massive potential: EPA and DOE studies suggest there’s enough recoverable waste energy to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, even as we cut costs due to increased efficiency. The main reason more isn’t being done is a host of government regulations that stand in the way of efficiency. Thanks to this site for covering this issue.

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