Econstories: Keynes-Hayek Rap

Lynne Kiesling

Love it, just love it! Check out more information and details at

3 thoughts on “Econstories: Keynes-Hayek Rap

  1. In a weird way this video kind of creeps me out, sort of like an almost-human robot can seem creepy. The video production values are excellent, the writing is clever enough, obviously a lot of thought and money and effort went into the production.

    But it is kind of a joke, right? It’s some middle aged white guys pretending to be some older, dead white guys pretending to be “hip rap dudez” so they can “relate” to the “younger generation” and pass along valuable (in the eyes of the middle aged white guys) lessons about macroeconomics. Admittedly, this would be hilarious after dinner at the annual meeting of some free market policy organization. Market oriented econogeeks, gathered together over food and drinks, would laugh laugh laugh.

    But to treat this as, what, real infotainment… Seems like taking your life-size plastic doll “companion” to the annual company Christmas dinner and introducing her to your co-workers. Some things are just better enjoyed behind closed doors.

    I don’t mean to overreact – it’s funny enough and all – but I’d be surprised if their is a non-econogeek out there that actually gets anything useful out of this effort. Maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just not hip enough to dig that jive. Yeah, whatever. Still don’t like it.

  2. C’mon Michael, if they had dropped more citation-bombs and control function allegories to juice, branded special tax categories (Hennessey?) and anonymous (bulkable) contracts, you would have 3 spare jigs and a film crew saved up.

  3. Michael — my desire for citations was at least partially satisfied by the “Learn More” link at (got there from the “more info” on Good references, at least for an amateur “non econo-geek”.

    So the citations are there, just not as obvious.

    And I think it’s interesting that the Mercatus Center is doing, well, “outreach.”

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