Back in the Saddle; Where’s Our Banner?

Lynne Kiesling

Hi folks! I am getting ready to crawl out from under my winter quarter rock; I have been teaching three classes this quarter, and it’s been frenetically busy. I’m also working on some stuff that I’m not quite ready to talk about in public, so I’ve been indulging in some self censoring.

Plus, honestly, all of my spare mental bandwidth outside of the classroom has been going to my training, and in particular my indoor winter bike training using a CompuTrainer to get data on my power output and to work on increasing it and my cycling efficiency. Doing as much training as I have been has been good for increasing my focus and decreasing my distractability, but it has not left me much time for writing here. Hopefully my lighter spring quarter course load will change that!

I’m also a bit mystified as to why our header banner has disappeared … I’ve tried it in Firefox and Safari on the Mac, and Mike’s tried it in Chrome, Firefox, and IE on Windows, and only in Chrome does the banner appear. If you have any other data to contribute, please do so; in the interim I am going to inquire with WordPress.

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    If this is what you are referring to, it appears on IE8 in Windows 7.

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