Anticipa-a-tion … and More Music Recs

Lynne Kiesling

I’m overly eager for the new album from The National, so much so that when I looked at the release date I paid attention to the day and not the month. Doh! So now I have to wait until MAY 11, grrrr. Two other great bands, LCD Soundsystem and Band of Horses, have albums coming out on May 18. Mid-May will be a deluge of great new music! But can I make the two new National tracks I’ve got quell my anticipation?

One thought on “Anticipa-a-tion … and More Music Recs

  1. Due to your enthusiastic post on High Violet I checked out The National’s previous albums and have been listening to nothing else ever since. I love the lead singer’s deep Nick Cave voice. So thanks for the recommendation; I’ll be trying the other bands you mentioned. As an aside, Spotify for the iPhone is such a brilliant way to sample new music.

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