Automatic Trading and Market (in)Stability

Michael Giberson

News and commentary on Thursday’s stock market moves.  First, Newsweek, “The Computer Glitch Felt Round the World.”  Now, Scott Patterson, WSJ, reports “Did Shutdowns Make the Plunge Worse?” (Business Insider comments, “Everyone is rushing to blame [High Frequency Trading (HFT)] and other non-human problems for the crash… when, at least in part, it may have been the cessation of HFT that exacerbated the plunge.)

One thought on “Automatic Trading and Market (in)Stability

  1. It’s about time someone exposed the big banks and Wall Street for the manipulating fraudsters that they are. In an insider’s club report a veteran trader exposed the banks and showed a simple step by step strategy to spying on the big bank’s trades so we can profit with them.

    Bank insider – Now I could understand why we never get out from under our banker’s thumb..It is sure the big banks dont want us to see this.

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