Rainy Days, but Not Sundays, Will Get Them Down

Michael Giberson

From the “Things that make you go Hmmmm” file, note things take an interesting turn in paragraph 4:

W2 Energy, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has become a research affiliate of the Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AzRISE).

AzRISE (www.azrise.org) is a global institute at the University of Arizona in Tucson whose mission is to transform science into large and small-scale solar energy solutions that are demonstrable and can transform individual lives.

W2 Energy will be shipping one of the Solar Bug solar-electric vehicles to AzRISE. AzRISE will test the Solar Bug and provide 3rd party certification of its operation and efficiency.

In addition to testing the Solar Bug, AzRISE, in collaboration with musicians and composers at the University of Arizona, will be performing musical pieces that promote solar energy. Several of the musicians will drive the Solar Bug to schools and community centers and will perform their music using power from the Solar Bug’s on-board batteries. The musicians will plug in their instruments, amplifiers and microphones into the Solar Bug’s 110 volt outlet.

“What a great real world example of the beauty and efficacy of solar power,” says Joe Simmons, the Director of AzRISE. “We will play our songs about solar energy using solar energy.”

According to a previous W2 Energy press release, a Solar Bug “can carry two passengers and a small amount of cargo” and will “travel up to 10 miles a day on solar power alone.”

Sure, I can imagine that musicians can plug their instruments and equipment into the Solar Bug’s outlet and play for the kiddos, but will the musicians actually be able to load all of their gear into a Solar Bug AND drive to a school or community center AND play a plugged-in concert AND pack up and get home again, all on solar power? Or will these shows be staged with the help of a lot of petroleum-fueled vehicles behind the scenes?

I’m guessing that when the solar concerts wrap up and the last musicians reach home again, a complete accounting would reveal the performers and sponsors were unable to resist the beauty and efficiency of gasoline as a transportation fuel.

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