The Fictional (And Extremely Unhealthy!) Big Rock Candy Mountain

Michael Giberson

From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages, an earnest warning – accompanying the lyrics to the song Big Rock Candy Mountain – not to be lead astray by the wild (and extremely unhealthy!) images conjured up by the songwriter Harry “Haywire Mac” McClintock:

IMPORTANT REMINDERS ABOUT THE LYRICS: Mr. McClintock’s song was written from the outdated perspectives and manner of speech common many years ago (in the 1920’s), with the intention of humorously portraying an imaginary place for people living “on the road”. But please remember that being unemployed and homeless are very difficult situations for anyone to face! Visit HUD’s Help the Homeless Children’s website to learn more about how YOU can help!

In addition, smoking and alcohol addictions are extremely harmful to your health; and no situation will be improved by having easy access to cigarettes or alcohol, as promised in the fictional (and extremely unhealthy!) Big Rock Candy Mountains.

And speaking of candy, please also visit Obesity and Your Environment and My Food My World!

I’m surprised the writer failed to warn kids about the hazards of never changing their socks. Talk about your environmental health problems!

One thought on “The Fictional (And Extremely Unhealthy!) Big Rock Candy Mountain

  1. The copyright notice isn’t the proper citation for either or both of that song and recording.
    Curate or go home NIH?
    Sure they could have directly addressed the innocent fun or salient shortcomings of BRCM (…..a foundryless luxist provision corporation based in a world center for luxury knowledge) but climbing a scaffold to make scat of it seemed better. Damning.

    Excellent deprecation of a public good from use. It’s like Jamie Oliver suggesting Hardee’s strongly just into announcing vegetable pickings for the evening.

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