The Mongoliad

Lynne Kiesling

Speaking of Neal Stephenson, he’s involved in a new, online, serialized novel called The Mongoliad. Set in 1241, it’s an adventure journey story with the Mongol invasions of Europe as a backdrop. There are some stories you can read on the site for free, but to receive the weekly chapters you have to subscribe. So it’s an interesting venture both in a literary sense and as a new online business model (which hearkens back to the early 19th century in a way that I find charming).

Happy reading! What are you planning to read this weekend? I am finishing up Deirdre McCloskey’s The Bourgeois Virtues and Paul Seabright’s The Company of Strangers, and will probably have some things to say about both of them.

One thought on “The Mongoliad

  1. I’ve been meaning to read McCloskey’s book since before it was released, but haven’t yet. I bought and read the first part of Seabright’s book, but didn’t get far because I felt pretty much in agreement with what I read and wasn’t getting enough out of it. I occasionally feel the urge to go back to it.

    Looking forward to your comments on both.

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