Capitalism and Whatever Works

Michael Giberson

From xkcd:

xkcd: The Economic Argument
xkcd: The Economic Argument

[HT: John Whitehead at Environmental Economics.]

2 thoughts on “Capitalism and Whatever Works

  1. Re: Dowsing (witching)

    I know a man who became extremely wealthy witching his locations for oil wells.
    Yes, he used geology but would never drill until he had been over every inch of his lease (oil lease if you are not from the oilfield). He could tell you how deep and what the water cut was. Just sayin’…we don’t a;ways understand everything that works. Ask any physicist or engineer. Some folks have a talent for using specific tools. Like singing, some couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Because we cannot do it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

  2. By the way, better a capitalist than a Marxist. At least one has a fighting chance under capitalism. Marxism is for do-nothing lazy folks who think the world owes them something. All one is owed by being born is the right to die. The Law of Life: Root Hog or Die! We are in business to make money not to improve your well being or make you feel good about those who are poor. “Remember the Poor, they are with you always”
    No matter the political/economic/social organization there shall always be those at the top and those who hold them up. We are not bees (as much as I admire that elder race I have no desire to duplicate it among the soft bodied warm bloods).

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