State of the Union Watching Advice: Don’t.

Michael Giberson

From on Thomas Jefferson: “Jefferson also found the State of the Union address to be too magisterial when delivered in person. He performed one and afterwards delivered them, as required by the constitution, only in writing.” (link to added.)

Jefferson was right, the pomp and ceremony surrounding the State of the Union address contributes to a veneration of political leaders. Instead we should cultivate an attitude of caution toward our most successful politicians.

Don’t watch the State of the Union address, it only encourages them.

6 thoughts on “State of the Union Watching Advice: Don’t.

  1. Well, it was Federal and -fabulous-, thinktanky, gay, explicit, category-making, and at the same time of keen interest to Muslim Banking. It outlined the Final Immigration and Education Reform in 7,000km strokes, and I admit I spat my tea straight into the USB port on the telly when the President mentioned CalTech Biofuels work.

    It sounds like he’s fixed global warming and stodginess too, because he said we can get our troops out in July!

    (n.b.: Thank you 2AM-goggles!)

  2. That broadcast coverage almost put Barack Obama on parity with The Situation of _Jersey Shore_ for the day, mind.

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