Cute Boots!

Lynne Kiesling

I haven’t written about shoes in a long time (sorry Manolo!), in large part because my aging, athlete feet can’t tolerate cute shoes to the degree that they used to. My shoe wardrobe vascillates among low-heeled boots, Converse sneakers (with my orthotics in them), and sandals with heel straps and orthopedic footbeds. I try desperately not to descend into frumpy footwear, but the range of footwear styles that I have has narrowed a lot. Grrr. But I still have my love of cowboy boots, although I mix them up with other boots because my Lucchese boots have a narrower toe box than I can tolerate on a daily basis.

So imagine my aesthetic joy, with a tinge of envy, when I saw the boots that Angus is getting Mrs. Angus for Christmas:


RAWR. WANT. I need another pair of boots like a hole in my head, but what a gorgeous green, and great stitching. WANT. Mrs. Angus is a lucky woman.

5 thoughts on “Cute Boots!

  1. So how are you fixing it to make sure that Mr. Kiesling reads this particular blog post with great attention?

    And have you checked to make sure that there is still stock and shipping time before Christmas?

  2. Oh, you can rest assured that I showed him the picture last night … but my desire for these boots is simple, unbridled lust, not anything that I intend to have satisfied.

    Plus he got me a SRAM Force gruppo for my road bike for my birthday, so he’s off the hook in the present department for quite some time!

  3. “a SRAM Force gruppo”

    I’m afraid I have no idea at all what that means. No, no, don’t explain, it will ruin the visions that imagination can provide.

    “but my desire for these boots is simple, unbridled lust, not anything that I intend to have satisfied.”

    Oh dear. I’ve obviously misunderstood this marriage thing. Isn’t umm, satisfying lusts what husbands are for?

  4. I had JUST clicked on this page when my girlfriend walked into the room, and she goes “I WANT THOSE BOOTS!”. Haha, I guess I have a good gift idea for Christmas now!

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