Getting a Little Led off My Chest

You know what? I’d happily spend the $27.98 for the 6 LED chandelier bulbs at Costco IF THEY WERE DIMMABLE. Yes, I know I’m shouting, but crikey, if you want people to use less energy, MAKE IT EASIER FOR THEM. Seriously, electronics engineers, what’s the problem? Who on earth thinks that people want to sit under a brightly-lit chandelier without being able to change the lighting level?

Until you have good quality dimmable LED bulbs on the market, you’ll pry my incandescent chandelier (and can light) bulbs at your peril from my cold, dead hands.

3 thoughts on “Getting a Little Led off My Chest

  1. The worst part of this story is that light emitting diodes (LEDs) are of course dimmable. Something about the particular fixture or the AC-DC converter in use in the particular device you speak of is the root problem–not the LEDs themselves.

  2. Yeah, I know, and that’s one reason why I am so exasperated by this! Since they’re LEDs I figured they’d be dimmable because, you know, they’re LEDs. I was so jazzed about getting to play around with them. Grrr.

    Between that and the fact that I got caught in a deluge of rain and left a 6-pack of Stone Levitation Ale in the sneaky little front compartment of my shopping cart and didn’t notice it missing until I got home, not a very good afternoon out in the realm of commerce.

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