Friday Music Fun: Radar Vs. Wolf

Lynne Kiesling

Some Friday fun listening from Nashville-based Radar vs. Wolf, a video from their debut album!

Radar vs. Wolf singer/songwriter James Bratton recently wrote a post on Bleeding Heart Libertarians articulating his particular take on political philosophy, and it’s a take I find congenial. Especially this part:

Why would I give them the legal power to regulate my whole life? And why would I claim for myself the power to regulate anyone else’s life?

… F.A. Hayek referred to such a mindset as “the pretense of knowledge.”

It is insanity for one person to put this kind of trust in another man or group of men, especially men who believe we exist solely in order to serve the “greater good.” Public choice theory and history have shown that “benevolent” men set above others are subject to the same faults and selfishness as the rest of us, regardless of the good intentions with which their offices were created.

That’s a pretty succinct articulation of my belief.

Happy Friday!

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