Announcement: New Job at Purdue

This week is an exciting one for me, as I’m starting a new job. I have left Northwestern University and have started in a new position at Purdue University, where I will be a faculty member and the Associate Director of the Purdue University Research Center in Economics.

The research center emphasizes applied microeconomic policy research, and I will be responsible for its events, outreach, and communicating the academic research to non-specialists, as well as my own research on electricity technology and regulation under the auspices of the center, and teaching. That means more time spent researching and writing, some of which will be featured here, and I’m looking forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Announcement: New Job at Purdue

  1. Congratulations. Some pretty country for your bicycle rides, but not too far from the bright lights and big city. Will you commute?

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