How to Contribute to Society

A few weeks ago President Obama made his now memorable “you didn’t build that” remark. Most of the resulting political exchange has been pretty thoughtless. Extremely rare have been the thoughtful reactions. Here are two of the best. … More How to Contribute to Society

Elinor Ostrom Interview

Michael Giberson YES! magazine presents an interview with Elinor Ostrom, “The Woman Who Just Might Save the Planet and Our Pocketbooks.” The sub-head teaser – “What if our economy was not built on competition?” – is a little over-heated. Nothing in Ostrom work, so far as I know, is opposed to competition. Rather, in the … More Elinor Ostrom Interview

Cooperation and Cheating Among Bacteria

Michael Giberson Ed Yong, at Not exactly rocket science, describes recent research into, uh, I guess you could describe it as the socioeconomic life of bacteria: Bacteria may not strike you as expert co-operators but at high concentrations, they pull together to build microscopic ‘cities’ called biofilms, where millions of individuals live among a slimy … More Cooperation and Cheating Among Bacteria