Things That Caught My Eye: Subsidies, Wine, Leds, Dismal Economists

Lynne Kiesling As a coda to Mike’s post yesterday regarding the CRS study of the effects of removing oil subsidies on gasoline prices, here’s Ron Bailey at Reason reminding us that ethanol subsidies are almost triple those to the oil companies, and with little to show either environmentally, economically, or energetically. Courtesy of Dr. Vino, … More Things That Caught My Eye: Subsidies, Wine, Leds, Dismal Economists

Eia Releases Annual Energy Outlook 2011

Lynne Kiesling Today the Energy Information Administration released the 2011 Annual Energy Outlook (link is to executive summary). This year’s outlook explores scenarios that include updated forecasts of shale gas production, which have changed considerably since last year’s outlook, as KP readers know due to Mike’s excellent analyses. Another aspect of the analysis that will … More Eia Releases Annual Energy Outlook 2011

Our Next Fear: Peak Rocks?

Lynne Kiesling Economist and teacher extraordinaire Steve Horwitz has done a great video for Learn Liberty on the question “are we running out of resources?” We’ve done our share of “peak oil” debunking here over the years, so it won’t surprise you that I find The Onion’s take on the question of running out of … More Our Next Fear: Peak Rocks?

An Economic Analysis of Comparative Fuel Economy?

Lynne Kiesling Thursday’s Wall Street Journal had an article on airline fuel economy, “A Prius With Wings vs. a Guzzler in the Clouds“, and it presents an analysis that is a good starting point for thinking about an economic comparison of the fuel efficiency of different modes of transportation. The analysis compares the fuel economy … More An Economic Analysis of Comparative Fuel Economy?

The Ethanol Industry Rises to Defend Itself

Lynne Kiesling We were in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend and early this week and, not surprisingly, the airwaves were full of news of a new ad campaign to rehabilitate ethanol and, in the words of one of the news stories we heard, “correct myths about ethanol”. So are they saying that it’s a myth … More The Ethanol Industry Rises to Defend Itself

Iea: Recession => Lower Carbon Emissions

Lynne Kiesling The International Energy Agency has put a quantitative estimate on an effect that we all suspected — this year’s economic recession is contributing to a reduction in global carbon emissions. They estimate that 2009 carbon emissions will be 2 percent lower than 2008, with 75% of the reduction attributable to the economic slowdown … More Iea: Recession => Lower Carbon Emissions

Blog Recommendation: Structured Thinking

Lynne Kiesling I would like to bring the blog Structured Thinking to your attention. Structured Thinking captures the ideas of a group of folks at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who do a range of energy-related and building-related research. For example, one recent post highlights a topic of great interest to me: behavioral economics and “keeping … More Blog Recommendation: Structured Thinking

Innovation in Incandescents

Lynne Kiesling Want some evidence for why technology mandate legislation is fraught with difficulties? This New York Times article on innovation in incandescent light bulb technology is a datum: When Congress passed a new energy law two years ago, obituaries were written for the incandescent light bulb. The law set tough efficiency standards, due to … More Innovation in Incandescents

Blog: The Next 100

Lynne Kiesling The Next 100 is an interesting blog from some folks at PG&E; check it out and see what you think. They cover a range of energy, technology, and environment topics that will resonate with readers of Knowledge Problem, Environmental Economics, and the Wall Street Journal’s Environmental Capital. Although they do seem, at least … More Blog: The Next 100

KP Convergence in Chicago

Lynne Kiesling For once, both erstwhile KP authors are in the same place! I’ve organized a research roundtable at the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth at Northwestern University, and Mike’s in town to attend. The event’s called Energy, Technology, and Institutions, and you can read the working papers to be discussed if … More KP Convergence in Chicago