Price Gouging and the “Dark Side of Cooperation”

Michael Giberson At Overcoming Bias, Robin Hanson points out that the human instinct for cooperation has good and bad consequences.  A handful of recent articles in reaction to Frans de Waal’s new book, The Age of Empathy, and other writing on cooperation have treated it as a good thing, as a helpful counterweight to human … More Price Gouging and the “Dark Side of Cooperation”

Another Darwin Voyage

Lynne Kiesling Charles Darwin’s great-great-granddaughter, Sarah Darwin, is a biologist, and she’s just embarked on a recreation of her great-great-grandfather’s seminal voyage on the Beagle that induced him to develop his theory of evolution. In addition to that being just downright cool, she’s doing it on a really neat ship: The voyage will be made … More Another Darwin Voyage