The Number of Correct Responses from Phd’s in Economics, Consequently, Was Somewhat Less Than the Expected Number if the Respondents Had Been Chickens Pecking Randomly

Michael Giberson The title above is a quote from Harold Margolis’s paper, “Are Economists Human?” HT Marginal Revolution. (I wonder if Tyler Cowen laughed when he read it?)

Modern Renditions of Pride & Prejudice, Humor Edition

Lynne Kiesling I’ve been reading, thinking about, and watching lots of Jane Austen lately, and I’ve found two funny renditions of my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice: Austenbook, a Facebook-style retelling of the story, and Pride and Prejudice in emoticons. I guffawed out loud in an unseemly manner ill befitting a lady, but I suspect … More Modern Renditions of Pride & Prejudice, Humor Edition

Snarky Line of the Day Award …

Lynne Kiesling … goes to Tunku Varadarajan, in his Daily Beast column today about terrorism and air security: Of course, it may be that the one way to ensure a grassroots Democrats clamor for action against terrorism is to call it “anthropogenic”… Hah, climate policy humor!

A Triathlete’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoon

Lynne Kiesling The winning caption:  “You’re in trouble when we get to the bicycles!”

P.G. O’Rourke’s Adam Smith Column

Lynne Kiesling I hope you’ve all seen P.J. O’Rourke’s Financial Times column from last week on what Adam Smith would have to say about our current economic and financial events. Adam Smith was one of the most astute observes of human nature ever, and applied those insights well to analyses of incentives and political institutions. … More P.G. O’Rourke’s Adam Smith Column